Monday, August 22, 2011

Gold surging with economic uncertainty in sight

Gold is rapidly rising breaking new records, with so much uncertainty in the US economy and European debt issue. With big economies like Spain, France and Italy facing the debt problem entering their countries, and European leaders especially German Chancellor Angella Merckel and French President Nicholas Sarkozy holding meet to come to decision.

Investors are finding safety in gold and yen for their safe haven qualities and equities are being sidelined. It can be said gold can reach $2500 an ounce by the end of the year if a solution to pull the US out of recession and bring Europe out of the debt crisis is not found.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New to Trading?

New to Trading? Well well I have heard this question many many times, and the best answer for it is 'don't look far, internet is there to help you.' Four years back when I myself was a newbie, I started looking for courses online, since we did not have any centres close to where I live. I started hunting for websites which were user friendly and also gives you the hands-on practise of trading. I found quite a few good sites, but the one which stood out and the only one I stuck to was It has a Learning Centre which is visually appealing and is easy to follow. It also negates the usual financial jargon, which totally goes over your head.

Most importantly they don't charge you for this. They also give you 10,000 worth of play money to simply practice with before even putting in your own money. They also replenish this amount if you run out of it. There are so many of my friends who still ask for play money and also trade with real money when they see that they are making profits with play money.

Since I am a senior player now and a bloody good one, I also get backed by other players, if I am making money. That is a feature I like the most, since if I win, I take a share out of the profit I made for the person who put money on me. So its a win-win situation. I hope those who read this article take some time out and go through this site and join them. Please also come back to me with your feedback on how you liked the site and how it benefitted you.

Till then HAPPY TRADING!!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

La Nina, scarce cooking oil

Cooking oil, an essential ingredient in world cooking, seems to near scarcity with the La Nina weather effect, where the temperatures drop or gets cooled. Many oil refineries around the world have shown drop in production, due to drought and heavy rains. Crops which are raw materials for oil like soya beans, sunflower etc have also suffered with weather changing drastically effecting production.

As demand for oil rises, China, one of the important importers may have to pay huge amount to acquire the seeds.  According to Dorab Mistry, director of Godrej International Ltd, "The market is focused on Chinese monthly imports of beans. If the Chinese government releases State Reserves and they skip one month’s imports, it will have a bearish impact on prices in the short term.”

Low demand for sunflower oil and rapeseed oil also may raise demand and price for soya bean oil. I reckon cooking oil prices will eventually rise, cause: environmental changes.